Breathing sessions are a therapeutic method with great results. Part of the energy we need to run our bodies is determined by the way we breathe. Have you noticed that sometimes you hold your breath? Does it get uneven or rushed? Under what circumstances does this happen to you? The more aware we are of how we breathe, the more aware we will be of ourselves as individuals and the more we will be in harmony with body functions and in contact with our vital energy.

As human beings we do not breathe until we are born since during the pregnancy period, we receive oxygen through the blood of the umbilical cord. It is at birth when we substitute embryonic breathing for autonomous breathing and this generally goes along with our first cry as a baby, the air enters the lungs and activates the respiratory system. One of the goals of breathwork is that this vital process acquired at birth and therefore unconscious becomes also a conscious process.

My first encounter with conscious breathing was through scuba diving. I worked for a few years as a diver on board a ship and this gave me the opportunity to feel that if I breathed consciously and in harmony with my movements underwater, I could control not only my body, but also my emotions. And over time I understood that breathing like this, whatever physical or intellectual activity I was doing, improved my attention and my performance.

Everything works better if we breathe widely, consciously and fluidly, it helps us to vibrate, so that all the cells in our body are well oxygenated and can thus fully regenerate. The better we breathe, the easier it is for energy to reach our entire body without any interference.

Taking a deep breath and bringing oxygen to your deepest cells is like watering plants at the end of a very hot day, remember that you are like those plants and they will thank you enormously for that water.

At Tu Libertad Interior (Your Inner Freedom), we also use the connected circular breathing, this practice puts us in contact with the wounds left by stilled emotions, with the patterns of contraction and provides the opportunity to transform them in a positive way, achieving greater energy fluidity.

This breathing technique is performed without pauses or air retention between inhalation and exhalation to create a circular movement. Depending on whether you breathe through the nose or the mouth, the flow of air and the intensity of the rhythm, the client is able to access the energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to balance them. We unfold a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious part of our being.

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