It refers to the dedication and time we invest in cultivating and improving the flow of vital energy in our body. It is very old and a main subject in Chinese medicine studies. It is practiced to maintain and improve physical and mental health. It is, sometimes, prescribed with specific therapeutic objectives.

We align the physical movement and the breathing with a conscious, present and focused mind. There are different techniques that have enriched this practice throughout history. I use and teach the internal and external branch of the Taoist lineage; it can be both static and in motion.

In either case it is very important to maintain a balanced position and firm contact with the ground. Whether we practice sitting or standing, we want to achieve the stability of a tree and for that we slightly bend our knees and make a thread effect with our feet, applying a slight pressure outward with our heels and inwards with our toes. As we advance in the practice, we help ourselves with the mind by visualizing roots growing from our feet to anchor us firmly to the ground.

Chi Kung QiGong Cultura

We focus on relaxing our mind, the breathing and finally our body. The purpose of this is to open the energy vessels and the meridians network through which our vital energy moves. We adjust our breathing allowing it to flow easily so that it is constant and calm, finding an in-tune harmony in each of our movements. It is up to us to achieve this point of balance between mind and body. Our tools to achieve this will be meditation and breath control.

During practice, the key lies in the gentle tension and relaxation we exert on the fasciae and all the connective tissue of the body. This favors the harmonization of the organs so they may reach their energetic potential and balance. It is precisely the calm and relaxation with which we practice that allows no limitations of age or physical condition to do Chi Kung

One of the techniques we work on is Zhan Zhuang. It is the static and meditative standing posture, the fundamental pillar of all Taoist practices to find internal balance. In daily life we ​​should pay attention to our body posture when walking, sitting and even lying down. In this work we integrate body and mind avoiding mental or physical effort. This helps us to become more sensitive to energy, preventing it from being blocked and to cultivate the detachment from ego, so necessary in our evolutionary path.

The benefits that you can obtain by practicing Chi Kung will increase progressively, remember that training is necessary and practice is everything.


You may decide to receive private Chi Kung classes for various reasons

  • You have never practiced previously and before starting group classes you prefer to learn the basics and experience what Chi Kung is and how it feels to you


  • Create a practice program with a therapeutic approach to learn Chi Kung and meditation as a wellness system. To treat some type of blockage or as a tool for self-knowledge and health.
  • Learn to experience and differentiate internal and external, static and dynamic systems of Chi Kung such as Zhang Zhuan and the system of the five elements of Chinese medicine
  • Learn to feel and understand energy work
  • You need help to relax, improve your concentration and breathing

Why choose to do Chi Kung with Tu Libertad Interior? (Your Inner Freedom)

  • Improves your health, the gentle physical movement makes the muscles work and restore their flexibility. It also reduces joint pain and prevents problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle or body position at work.
  • You will tune your breathing at a biomechanical level and we will harmonize it so that it flows together with the movement in a healthy and energetic way.
  • The massage your diaphragm does with each breath stimulates the function of the internal organs and increases your lung capacity.
  • The calm and relaxation in which we practice allows no age or physical limitations
  • We will teach you to guide the energy and breathing through your body, reducing mental loops and worries, facilitating the regularization of sleep and increasing mental clarity.
  • You will have a personalized follow-up and our work with you will bring results.

If you feel interested or need more information, contact me (Sergi Regàs Antherieu)
+34 650 761 774