”Our work is based on integrative and systemic therapy. They both have a humanistic approach”

What is the reason you are coming to therapy?

In Tu Libertad Interior (Your Inner Freedom) we approach couples therapy in two possible ways

Sometimes it is necessary to explore first the personal issues that are still unresolved as they may be the source of the couple not working. If we do not solve this personal part, we may find ourselves with the same or similar problems in the next relationship. When this happens in Tu Libertad Interior we work individually, that is, two different therapists for each of the people who make up the couple and during the process specific approaches in joint sessions of four. This allows to work individually and also as a couple. It’s a very thorough process that has brought excellent results.

In cases where both people are already done their work individually, or they simply do not need it then we do a joint therapeutic process, and one therapist works with the couple.

Couples therapy helps to promote a good line of communication and provides tools to a better management of the situations in day-to-day coexistence, from small imbalances to more complex conflicts. Often, these potential conflicts have to do with the expectations we place on the relationship, the difficulty we encounter in communicating with the other person, or the way we relate. This can disturb our emotional state or self-esteem, even affect the full approach in intimate moments of stillness or sexual relations.

Having a third person who can offer us a different perspective and resources to guide us can be of great help, especially during times when we find ourselves through complications in a couple relationship.

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