”Our work is based on integrative and systemic therapy. They both have a humanistic approach”

When we express integrative therapy, we refer to the techniques used during the therapeutic process. Concepts and methods we have been studying and developing for years to add to our therapeutic toolbox. We have selected the most similar and consistent with our way of working.

It also refers to the process of integrating what the client has not been able to until now. Whether it is something from the past, happening in the present, or both, it may not allow the client to live a full life. Working, recognizing and integrating it in therapy helps us to undo the knots blocking the opportunity of being in tune with life and being able to flow with it. All this leads to people perceiving themselves as more complete, with access to everything they are and everything they can become.

As for the systemic look, it is a therapeutic approach that helps us understand the importance that personal relationships have in the life of each person within social groups (systems with which we interact) such as family, couple, workplace or friends. It is a great therapeutic tool that allows us to see the topic to be treated in therapy from a broader perspective.

How can therapy help you?

  • To communicate more effectively and thus improve relationships with others and with yourself.
  • Find out and transform the beliefs that are limiting you. Reality is dynamic and ever changing, you can educate where your attention and energy goes to.
  • Noticing repetitive behaviour patterns.
  • Develop your self-esteem.
  • Connect with your capabilities and resources, recover and integrate them
  • Grasp with both hands the power of cocreation of your life, consciously and freely. And ask yourself, what do I really want?
  • Getting out of vicious loops and feel the strength you have in you to take steps forward, towards the life that’s out there waiting for you.
  • Learn to think creatively and constructively. The language we use to explain our experiences and emotions is essential to cause change.
  • The starting point in individual work is the here and now, what is in your life and within you at this moment. From the systemic perspective we go to the past in search of information, understanding and order. We all belong to many systems, the one that influences us the most throughout our lives is our family system.

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