“I work in individual therapy, teach courses and do workshops in our therapeutic space of “Tu Libertad Interior” (Your Inner Freedom), I also participate in trainings. Life experience acquired over the years, my interest for human behaviour and the satisfaction of seeing people evolve through therapy are my motivation to continue learning and finding new skills in the therapeutic field. Treating people with respect and dignity in a safe environment opens the door to healing.”

Some stages of my journey:

Integrative Therapy and Conscious Breathing in Meta Institut Sistemic. Training that I felt very thorough, based on different therapeutic methods including conscious and connected breathing, in my opinion one of the therapeutic foundations. Breathing has enormous benefits for our physical, mental and emotional health. NLP Practitioner recognized by the INLPA. Understanding the conscious and the unconscious is essential in NLP. We are conscious when we realize what we are doing or what is happening to us and unconscious when we are not. It is surprising to understand that most of the things we do best are done unconsciously even though we think the opposite is true.

Professional Development in Psychotherapy of Integration and Reprocessing of Trauma with Aleces. During the years I attended this training, my basis as a therapist reached higher lands, it became more solid, with a broader and wider in-depth perspective. I felt how, step by step, I was gaining confidence on the path I had already undertaken years ago, the line of humanistic integrative psychotherapy. I enjoyed using the inner parts work that I already knew from my systemic training, to understand the importance of the essential being. During the reprocessing stage we address the person’s history of trauma, as well as the history of resilience so they can find their own healing resources. Traumatic scenes and events are processed, not only the experienced ones, but also imagined, since not only what is experienced in person traumatize us, but also what is heard, experienced as a witness or even imagined. The idea is to create a safe space, and through therapy, reprocess and integrate the traumatic experience.

Family and Systemic Constellations. Training offered on those years by Meta Institut Sistemic and ECOS, School of Systemic Constellations. Diploma recognized by AEBH – Spanish Association of Family Constellations and its counterpart in Germany, the DGFS. The systemic view has broadened my perspective in all areas of life, it has restructured the way in which I observe and process everything that surrounds me and has renewed what therapy is for me in the 21st century. A very complete training thanks to the combination of the two schools, for everything it covered, for the variety and versatility of teachers and modules. I feel privileged to have completed it as a student and also as a tutor of the students guiding the practice group, 4 years of extensive learning in the systemic field and how to apply it to the constellation process. I am currently part of the teaching team.

Advanced training in Family and Systemic Constellations with ECOS, School of Systemic Constellations. Diploma recognized by AEBH – Spanish Association of Family Constellations and its counterpart in Germany, the DGFS. This training helped me to deepen into the theory and practice of systemic therapy and the understanding of the constellation process. In the supervision I was able to learn from different perspectives and understand how it feels from each point of view, as an observer of the practice, as a student, as a client and also as a facilitator of constellations. Supervision connects to my humble part and allows me to grow personally and professionally.

Brainspotting Phase I and Phase II with Aleces. I immediately connected with this therapeutic technique oriented to the physiological experience lived in the body and the dual attunement approach: attunement in the therapist-client relationship and neurological attunement. A brain spot is sought through an eye position, the brain is then able to recover memories and process them, it is possible that reasonably intense physiological and/or psychological reactions appear. I found a deep connection with my systemic training, since it also has a philosophical foundation in the acceptance of the client’s internal processes as they are. I repeated Phase I and Phase II as a training assistant to deepen the learning and application of the technique.

The Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Stephen Porges. Learning this theory allowed me to understand the importance of the vagus nerve, its states and how it affects our physiology when reacting to threat and trauma. Many physical and emotional problems can arise from a dysregulated autonomic nervous system. When someone has experienced trauma, their neuroception, their ability to scan the environment for signs of danger, can be impaired, leading them to interpret many signals as dangerous, even those that other people may perceive as neutral or benign. It is essential that we learn to listen to our bodies. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the course and the connection it gave me to other trauma trainings.

Sergi Regàs Antherieu

Systemic Ritual® Training with Daan Van Kampenhout. I learned how to constellate creating structures and work with healing rituals, mixing shamanism and constellations and opening the possibility to use the sound of the drum, the rattle and/or singing as a complementary therapeutic tool. This brought a new dimension to my way of understanding and applying therapy using this wonderful method created to work with groups and that I also learned to use in individual therapy. I feel fortunate to have done this training in addition to the various workshops over the years with the wheel of life and the four directions that I first attended as a student and still continue to participate as a collaborating assistant of the organizing team.

Dr Bach Floral Remedies taught by Dr Ricardo Orozco, he calls them liquid emotional intelligence. Very grateful to this doctor for teaching me the bridge between flower therapy and psychology. His work on what he calls transpersonal patterns represents an important advance in the comprehension and application of the Bach Flowers remedy. I had to deep dive into these essences and test them on myself during years in order to understand and appreciate everything they can offer.

Chi Kung – Qigong instructor trained in Australia, Thailand and Barcelona with Carlos Moreira with whom I also learned Tai Chi Yang and Chen and Hung Gar Kung Fu style. I have been adding knowledge and different practices with other teachers, including Dr Cai Jian from the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Barcelona. Chi Kung is meditation in motion. Training is necessary, practicing is everything

Shiatsu therapist at Prana Shiatsu School. Workshops and seminars on thermotherapy, moxibustion, Sotai-Ho (body alignment balancing the body’s nervous and muscular systems) and other oriental techniques. Touching the human body with my hands and fingers throughout all the meridian points made me understand many things about the body-mind relationship. Chinese medicine broadened my therapeutic perspective and brought all the knowledge gained in Chi Kung and Eastern martial arts making it a full circle.

Reiki master level with Emili Estivill Martínez. Grateful to Emili for the time he dedicated to me. I was able to practice and understand Reiki as a therapeutic tool in all its extent. I am also grateful to everyone I met during my training, and especially to many nurses with whom I shared many sessions and wonderful experiences. They enriched me in a profound way, thanks to their great empathy and the harmony and the methods they taught me to work with; they opened ways of healing unknown to me until then. In my opinion, the laying on of hands should be learned and used widely within the medical and therapeutic field.

Diving instructor and first aid rescue instructor at sea. These trainings helped me to understand that you must first rescue yourself, that you must be well and safe, and then help others. It was a stage of my life that I remember with great affection for the wonderful people I met and who taught me so much. I learned breathing techniques in and out of the water that changed my life. Breathing is one of the bases of our well-being as human beings

I am currently studying the Master of Being with Dr Angela Maria Gomez Aristizabal

These trainings have been connecting and complementing each other, broadening my understanding of the human being and enriching my knowledge and experience as a therapist. I continue training and learning every day.