Family and systemic constellations are a therapeutic method that highlights the deep connection existing in people with their family systems. In each and every one of us there are bonds of love and loyalty within our system. In the constellation work these dynamics and patterns difficult to understand come to light to be seen.

Our culture has a tendency to break away from the family system, from the traditional family as we know it. The constellations help us to give a place of respect and dignity that all the members who make up our system. The mere fact of thinking we stand alone, that our personality is autonomous and detached from what surrounds us, is, in many ways, a mere illusion. We are linked, whether we like it or not, to our family in a more powerful way than it really seems. This connection to the family network has been laced through generations and if a person in the system leaves something unresolved, it will go through to the next generation who will unconsciously repeat the same patterns. Our family, and how we relate to it can be a good start to heal many of our ailments, whether they are emotional, physical or psychological.

In addition to the family, this method allows us to work also with companies, organizations, communities or even our internal parts as human beings. If you look at yourself, you will see that you are not only an efficient person or a rebel one, maybe you are a person who doubts too, who feels brave or afraid and at the same time all these parts coexist in you. Are you aware and paying attention to all these parts within you? The path to healing is to recognize and integrate all of our parts.

The group of people who attend the workshops do so as active representatives. They also create a containment space for the information that is appearing and support to the client. In the progress of the constellation, relational dynamics appear, unconscious loyalties that block the client from advancing to his or her path of life. Having this information, receiving an external image and assenting to it with gratitude, produces a healing movement.

We think it is not easy to explain this therapeutic method with just words, it is better to be experienced. If you have curiosity to understand and feel, what is it, we suggest you attend as a representative in one of the workshops that we regularly offer in our space of Your Inner Freedom, Tu Libertad Interior.

We also do individual constellations in private sessions

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