Since 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and after years of renting and sharing an office with other therapists, a seed emerged in Tu Libertad Interior’s (Your Inner Freedom) team, to have our own space. It came as a breath of fresh air that grew in us and took shape walking the streets of the neighborhood in search of a place that we felt was already waiting for us. One morning of March, returning from a walk, we noticed a sign that read “office for rent”. We had already visited several offices, but something about this one caught our attention in a different way.

We called to make an appointment, we liked the location, the distribution of the space and the person who attended us. A few days later we asked for a new appointment and went with a reform and interior design technician. And then something happened to us, we both sensed a feeling in such an obvious, clear way and we looked at each other, it was that inner voice that tells you “This is the one, this is the space to develop your project”. In a short period of time, everything became possible, it happened very quickly, like when you are in tune with life itself and everything flows naturally and kindly. Dealing with the agency, negotiating the contract, restructuring completely the office and the process of obtaining the license.

For years we talked about the type of space we wanted for us, so we have transformed it, step by step, into that image we had in a remote place of our minds. We’ve brought it to the surface to become reality. During this process, memories, photos, objects and paintings with deep ties to our lives appeared and shine now to decorate the walls of what is our own therapeutic space.

We have two rooms, one facing the outside with two large windows and an area of ​​24 square meters in which, in addition to regular individual therapy, we offer courses and workshops. The other room is interior, it also has two windows to clean the air after every session and 14 square meters, both are fully equipped. Inside the office there are two bathrooms, one for each room. We welcome you at Plaça Lesseps, 2 – 1st floor, 1st door-.